Private Services

Certificates & Forms

Categories Price
Private medical certificate £17.00
Passport Form (please make sure patient hands in- application fee, special delivery bag, supporting documents, 2 passport size pictures) £23.00
Driving Licence/ photo identity form DVLA/Job application where identity needs to be confirmed £25.00
Freedom from infection certificate £16.00
Sickness/ Accident insurance form £26.00
Fitness to attend or take part in performance School/ University/ School activities £23.00
BUPA/ PPP form etc £35.00
Paternity Test kit price includes  postage fee as needs to be send via special delivery £43.00
Supporting letter for housing/ accommodation/ work £26.00
Army questionnaire form £36.00
Police Questionnaire Form £36.00

Completion of Forms that require an appointment with a GP

Categories Price
Child-Minders/ BAAF £89.00
Private Taxi & Hire Forms £89.00
DVLA medical £89.00

Medical Reports detailed by “Time” taken to complete

Extract from medical records (15mins)
Pro-forma Report (20 mins)
Written report (30mins)
Detailed written Report (45mins)

Medical Reports for insurance companies Written/typed

Categories Price
Standard EGPR £104.00
GP Supplementary report £27.00
GP report for insurance applicant (Written or typed in a template)  
Written report without exam, with detailed opinion and statement on condition of patient. (e.g 30 mins) £127.50

Access to medical records under DATA protection ACT

Categories Price
Request from patient for release of medical records (please provide patient with access to medical records form) £10.00
copies of patient records PER SHEET of PAPER £0.25
Combination of manual/ computer records (45mins work) £55.00


Categories Price
Holiday Cancelation  form £36.00
Fitness to travel £26.00
Vaccination Certificate £15.00
Yellow Fewer £60.00

Please Note:
Payment is required in advance of any medical reports/certificate’s being completed

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