Travel Clinic


Are you thinking of traveling outside of the UK?

We are now able to offer a full range of Travel Vaccinations here at the surgery. In order to make an assessment of the potential risks to your health for your planned travel, please contact us via our online form to book an appointment with details of your destination.

Travel risks vary considerably, and for this reason we allow a minimum of 20 minutes for each appointment. We would aim to give you any necessary vaccinations at this appointment, to save you having to return.

Unfortunately the NHS only offers a certain number of vaccines that are free; any other vaccines administered will incur a cost. However, as a patient of the practice you will receive free travel advice, and we offer competitive prices for any vaccines not covered by the NHS. We will ask for a deposit of £10 for each appointment slot which will go towards the cost of your non NHS vaccination.  This fee will be refundable if you attend for your appointment but do not require any private prescription.  

For patients not registered with Wells Park Practice, we will charge a £10 fee for each appointment slot to cover our costs. Any other vaccines administered will incur a cost. Ensure you are prepared for your travels with our full travel vaccination service. please contact us via our online form 



Visit Fitfortravel to find out more information about countries and vaccinations required.