Access to your GP patient records

The NHS wants to give people better ways to see their personal health information online. We know that people want to be able to access their health records.

It can help you see test results faster.

It also lets you read and review notes from your appointments in your own time.

You are now automatically able to see all the information within your health record including future notes and health records. 

This is provided you are over 16 and have an online account such as the NHS App or any other NHS website.

This does not apply to records from the hospitals or other healthcare specialists. 

You will be able to see notes from your appointments, as well as test results, and any letters that are saved on your records. 

For most people, access will be automatic and you won’t need to do anything we may however need to discuss your test results or your records with you before you are given full access. 

The NHS App, website and other online services are all very secure, so no one is able to access your information except you.

You will need to make sure you protect your login details. Do not share your password with anyone as they will then have access to your personal information.