Training Practice


We are a designated training practice; you may be offered a consultation with a GP Registrar, who is a qualified Doctor. The registrar works closely with our approved GP trainer. As part of training we may ask if you object to having your consultation video taped. This would be for training purposes only and would not affect the care you receive or your medical confidentiality. Should you object to this or to being seen in the presence of a trainee, kindly let the Reception Staff know on arrival.

By exercising your rights, your subsequent care would remain unaffected. As part of our commitment to supporting the training of future Doctors, the practice provides training for medical students. Patients will be asked if they agree to be seen while a student is in attendance. Refusal will not affect your care.

We are also a research practice. We can be called at times to provide names and addresses of patients with certain illnesses under study. You may receive a letter asking if you would like to participate. In these circumstances, a researcher is allowed to access relevant records in order to gain such a list of contacts. These research studies will usually have prior ethical approval to carry out research. Such studies are always bound by Duties of Confidentiality (Confidential Act 1995), similar to all our staff.