Practice Newsletter: April 2024



Our email inbox will no longer be monitored for appointments or routine enquiries.

Therefore please send all your requests for appointments, prescriptions, fit notes or any admin related query via the online form only.

The process is simple, safe and easy to navigate.

If you require appointment outside the surgery's opening hours please contact 111 or visit NHS 111 online


How to book an appointment

All requests for appointments will be processed online via our website.

Everyone contacting the surgery will be asked to go through the online process.

Visit our Appointments page to learn more


Cancer Screening

Have you received a letter inviting you for Bowel, Smear or Breast Cancer Screening?

Do not ignore it. Please call the number stated on your invite letter.

Alternatively, contact the surgery by phone or email for further advice.



Wells Park Practice is taking part in several studies known as ACCESS Registries, run by our research technology partner uMed.

These registry studies follow participants over time and collect information provided by you, on your own terms, from the comfort of your own home, providing Researchers with invaluable data about different diseases and conditions. The data collection can be in the form of questionnaires, medical device data and DNA testing.

These ACCESS Registries are currently enrolling patients who have been diagnosed with the following conditions:

  • Parkinson’s Disease (AccessPD registry)
  • Interstitial Lung Disease (AccessILD registry)
  • Cardiometabolic Disease (AccessCMD registry)

To find out more about these studies and what would be involved if you decided to participate please contact uMed's nurse support team


Facts and Figures

Here are some facts and figures about our activities in March:

  • 3883 incoming calls
  • 3289 calls answered (84.75%)
  • 1294 telephone appointments
  • 3319 face to face appointments
  • 579 Blood tests
  • 3164 prescriptions issued
  • 91 Home Visits

a clinician using a laptop


Wasted Appointments

If you were not able to get the appointment you wanted in March, that is probably because, of the 3319 face to face appointments we offered, 310 (9.34%) people who booked, did not show up, and failed to cancel. We are only able to offer your unwanted appointment if you cancel. To cancel, please follow the link provided in the text message. Your booked appointment will be cancelled without you having to make a call to the practice.


Digital Hubs

In view of the changes with our online platforms, we have increased the frequency of our digital hubs from once a month to twice a month every other Thursday from 10am to 12noon.

The next session will be held on Thursday 11 April in the Practice’s waiting room. To receive help on how to download and use the online apps with your smartphone, laptop, iPad, or tablet, please attend with your laptop, iPad or tablet. A member of staff will be available in the waiting area to support you in signing up to the available online Apps to:

  • View your medical records
  • Book and cancel your appointment
  • View test results
  • Order repeat prescriptions

Online services are quick and easy to use from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Save time and take greater control of your health.


Adolescent Clinic

The clinic run is run by Dr Iche White specifically for those aged between 13 and 19 for them to speak to or see a GP to discuss any health matter.

Although discussions will be kept confidential, parents will be involved if this is felt to be necessary.

To book an appointment, please complete an online request form


Staff Changes

We said goodbye to our rotation FY2 Dr Dhruv Gupta, who recently completed his rotation with us. We wish him well on his next endeavours.

A warm welcome to Dr Daniel Jenkins, FY2 Doctor, and Care Navigators Kingsley Eze and Sam Akinoshun.

Published: Apr 3, 2024